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School Chaplaincy is a project headed up by Alex Yarlett in Falmouth School.  The project was launched in February 2016 in the form of a lunchtime drop in and has grown to run four lunchtime sessions working with over 250 students a week, school assemblies, special events and more. We are enabled to do this through our strong partnership with Falmouth school as well as a dedicated team of volunteers from several churches across Falmouth.  

 "Our big idea is to inspire young people to 'live for more"

Our mission is twofold.  Firstly, we want to share the hope and message of Jesus.  Secondly, we want to inspire pupil’s perceptions of themselves, others and of faith.  Our big idea is to inspire young people to 'live for more; to not repeat unhealthy life patterns and raise the bar of expectation for who they are and what they can achieve in their life.

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Case Study - 'Doorway dominos'

"Essentially, its about creating connections. Connecting with people in a safe non-judgemental and supportive environment. Yes it helps that there is copious hot chocolate and yummy biscuits and maybe that’s why some of them come first of all - but not why they keep coming.


Getting teenage boys to talk can be a challenge at the best of times Getting a teenage boy who is constantly in either detention or exclusion and is a ‘bad boy role-model’ within a somewhat dysfunctional peer group, looked impossible. For the first year or so of trying to engage this young man in conversation, I was rewarded with monosyllabic responses. Until the dominoes day! One lunchtime he arrived before his peer group and I offered to play dominos with him. He had been invited to play many times and had always declined, so this time I asked “Why not?”. The reason he declined - was that he didn't know how. Over the course of that lunchtime he learnt the game of dominos and I learnt more about him in 45 minutes than I had all year.


When the gang arrived, they were surprised to see him engaged in a chat about schoolwork while playing Dominos. By the end of that lunchtime they were all playing (and talking) and lunchtime ended with a great complement from him to me “You’re alright actually”. It’s hard to measure impact on this interpersonal level but that day he was ready to learn and to talk and I was the someone privileged to be there to listen and to encourage."


- Case study from Mary Dickinson (Volunteer)

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