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online toiletries 'shop'

Access to toiletries is essential and we would like to support those who, for whatever reason, are currently unable to access them.


On this page,  you'll see all the products we currently have available (organised into 'collections', all products can be found at the end of this page).  As this isn't an actual shop, we are unable to use a 'add to basket' function so instead we've created a contact form at the bottom of this page.  Here you can  fill in the information about the family and the products they need.   The products we have access to are random and sporadic, however, if there is a product not listed below that is needed, there's a space on the form to include this.

Women's Care


Dental Hygiene

Shower/hand soap

Everyday Essentials

All Products

Toiletries Order Form
Please fill out the form below to order toiltiries for your families.  If you experience any difficulties, email us at or call 07447977798


Thanks for submitting!

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