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thanks for supporting Love Falmouth

We're so grateful to you!

On this page you'll find all the ways you can currently get involved with what we're doing at Love Falmouth 

wear the heart, do your part

Get our Love Falmouth branded mech via our Teemill store.

happy birthday!

Why not donate your birthday to us on Facebook? 

Need a meaningful gift for someone else? Why not sponsor a birthday box.

are you a co-op member?

We’d be super grateful if you selected us as your co-op local cause.  Check out the co-op’s website for more info on Membership 

volunteer with us

There are lots of opportunities to volunteers with us. If you would like to get involved, get in touch with us.

business partnership

If you're part of a business looking to do some social good, drop us a message and we can chat about the ways we can make it happen.

Marathon Runners
fundraise for us

if your planning to undertake a feat of human endurance (or anything that involves sponsorship really) and you're looking for a charity to raise money for... we'd be honoured if you chose us!

want to financially support a specific project?

Find all the information about giving into our projects and campaigns via our Total Giving pages below.

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